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Prosecco Ario 2021 - Antica Quercia

75cl. 11.5% ABV. Fantastic dry prosecco from Veneto.

About the winemaker
Claudio and his family have been here, nestled in the scomigo hills of conegliano, for around 10 years, farming a mixture of vines, olives and pomegranates. The estate is named after "The old oak" - a tree hundreds of years old that is on the
property. Farming is more than correct, with green manure from cover crops and a mixed agriculture model for biodiversity and also quality. Huge amounts of care and attention are lavished on this land and the finished wines reflect this.

About the wine
Crafted using 100 % glera grapes, this extra dry prosecco is produced through a meticulous process. In the winery, the grapes are delicately pressed as whole clusters. Once the grape must is extracted, the fermentation initiates at a controlled, cool temperature. Subsequently, adhering to the charmat method, the wine experiences a secondary fermentation while resting on lees prior to being bottled. The end result is a velvety and adaptable libation distinguished by its invigorating freshness and velvety effervescence.

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