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Within law, there is a legal theory known as the test of the reasonable person. That is, if you were to ask a particular question to a random person in the street, what would be their most likely answer? It’s sometimes used (hypothetically of course) in courtrooms to provide a basis for ...
Posted by Fresh Wines on 13 September 2020 21:53
A friend of mine recently posted online that she was enjoying a cracking bottle of wine she received as a gift from a local publican in Edinburgh. Her husband commented that he really liked it too, even though he was 'not usually a fan of rose'. The wine in question was a bottle of Rosa Frizante. A ...
Posted by Fresh Wines on 06 April 2020 14:25
It's great reading about people's experiences with natural wines. How and when they discovered them, and why they choose to enjoy them. This article in yestersday's New York Times is well worth a read! "There is storytelling in natural wine’s cultivation. Each bottle has the ability to s ...
Posted by Neil Freshwater on 04 June 2019 20:01
I was never really taken with wine. To me, it always just tasted rather average - something I drank because that’s what sophisticated people drink. I never was a wine, or even if I claimed to be, I didn’t really mean it, deep down in my soul. If I’m being totally honest, I never re ...
Posted by Kristen Knowles on 03 December 2018 18:16

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