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Le Pape Noir 2019 - Les Vingnerons D'Estezargues (🇫🇷)

Red. 75cl. 14.5%. Cote du Rhone. Les Vingnerons D'Estezargues.

PRODUCER: Les Vingnerons D'Estezargues (Winemakers of Estezargues)
REGION: France (Cotes du Rhone)
GRAPES: Syrah & Grenache
ABV: 14.5%
TASTING: Red fruits. Raspberry. Vanilla. Black Olives. Full-bodied. 

The cooperative of Estézargues, deep in the southern Rhône, shows what can be done with good farming, good winemaking and determination and is more or less unique in the wine world. Denis Deschamps, in charge for years, has recently set up his own domaine. His successor Armelle Rouault now presides over the cellar where everything is about minimal intervention. Since 1995 the thirteen members of the co-op have been both vinifying cooperative cuvées and cuvées from their best plots and the quality is exceptional for the prices asked. We have imported these wines for a decade. The new senior team of Armelle and Anna is set to continue Denis's great work.

The label on this wine features an oil painting on canvas by the artist Ross Kolby from 1998, entitled 'Arrangement in Black, White and Red' or 'The Black Pope'.

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