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Zweigelt Rose 2019 - Hager Matthias (🇦🇹)

75cl. 12% vol. Zweigelt rose from Kamptal, Austria.

About the wine
A delicious rose made from 100% Zweigelt grapes. It has a gentle flavour of light berries. The fruitiness combines on the palate with a spicy and mineral taste

About the maker
Matthias Hager is a biodynamic winemaker with 15 hectares of vineyards in Mollands, practicing Demeter guidelines. His vineyards' diverse soil, including loess, clay, and primary rock, shapes a wide range of Kamptal wines. Hager offers a variety of wine lines, experimenting with different styles, including sparkling Pet Nat, natural wines with minimal sulfur, and skin-fermented whites. He transitioned to organic farming in 2005 and embraced biodynamics after encountering Demeter farmers and Rudolf Steiner's teachings. Matthias Hager's philosophy centers on working in harmony with nature, adhering to Demeter's principles, and continuously exploring new winemaking possibilities.

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